Rider Profile

Michael Patrick O'Shaughnessy: Commuter
Team: B1 Bicycles
Years Cycling: 17 Age: 44
Height: 5'10 Weight: 140
Days/Month: 0 Miles YTD: 0 Days YTD: 0
Born: columbus
Resides: columbus
Occupation: mechanic
Favorite Food: pizza, doye
Why I Ride: jeesh, why not?
My Commute: flat and sweaty
Other Years: [2010] 

2013 Race Results

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Ride Log

Week of February 7, 2011 1 Ride  •  8 Miles  •  0.3 hours
Tue 2/8 8 miles 20 min When it is icy and slushy like this, you gotta thank your stars for cars. Who is gonna plow lanes for me to ride? 
Week of January 10, 2011 2 Rides  •  14 Miles  •  0.3 hours
Sun 1/16 6 miles 3 min GNAR shredded at Mohican. Ran more than rode, 6in of pure snow. Did 6mi in the same amount of time a summer ride would yield 24. TOTAL BLAST 
Fri 1/14 8 miles 13 min Missed that bus but caught the Cindy Bradys a few days ago. No excuse, had to burn rubber to open shop on time. Sweaty Geddy. 
Week of January 3, 2011 5 Rides  •  38 Miles  •  2.9 hours
Sun 1/9 8 miles 5 min Spencer's Pinball Ride. I placed #whatever out of 12 people. Real fun. Blake won. 
Wed 1/5 4 miles 30 min Missed my chance to bike&bus cos #3 bus came early. Commuted one way on 26x2.5 knobblies, took forever. Thank dog for road tires. 
Wed 1/5 10 miles 1.8 hr 12 weirdoes dressed like superheroes, a lap and half of phase 2 at Alum in the dark of night. I rode without a light trusting my memory. 
Tue 1/4 8 miles 20 min Sure! You own the road! You paid enough for that Escalade I figure you gotta hold the deed to 3rd Ave, right? 
Mon 1/3 8 miles 15 min If your bladder is full, your body has to work hard to keep that liquid 98.6 and doesn't have enough energy for the rest of you. #1 1st!